Custom Handmade Furniture Maker

My family was and is full of talented artists, skilled craftsmen, brilliant scientists; creative people who could take a concept or idea, refine it and bring it out into the real world. I knew I wanted to be like them somehow, some way but couldn’t find the right “thing” as my vehicle and inspiration.
I watched some of them work for endless hours; I spent a lot of time in museums, hunting for antiques and interesting pieces of history, I went to the arts high school the tv show “Fame” was based on. Along the way I learned a tremendous amount about art history, design, the incredible timeline of humanity. I saw how one style of a particular time blended into another and how some styles were a complete break from contemporary and the ones prior – but understanding what they were responding to.
I spent many years working and owning businesses but never really felt content or fulfilled with them until I took some woodworking classes at night. It felt right; suddenly my creative side decided it was time to express itself, almost like I didn’t have a choice.
I feel like I’ve taken senses of proportion and simplicity from various cultures, from the styles of art I enjoy, from my grandparents body of work and the furniture they owned and mixed them into something which I can only describe as an elegant simplicity. My personal preference is towards clean lines, pleasant geometry and proportion, emphasis on the grains of wood I am working with and soft, close to the wood finishes which invites touch.
I want to make something which satisfies utilitarian needs but becomes more than that need by way of its form and is appreciated and beloved in its own right.